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Chief Manager

I. R. National Project of High-Speed Railway System, Technologies Establishments and Developments, 2012-Now

Ministry of Science and Technology, Committee of Transportation and Civil


Project Manager

Geotechnical Investigation of Hendijan Marine oil Exploration well, Exploration Division of Oil Company, 2000-2001. 4 km inside the Persian Golf, three technical borings (included, SPT, Shear Vane, and Undisturbed Soil Sampling) were conducted and geotechnical report was submitted for an international bidding


Project Manager

Consulting civil engineering services was provided for the Iranian Oil Exploration Company, 2000-2002. In this project, many oil exploration bases were designed based on performing surveying, hydrology and geotechnical studies, and engineering detailed plan sheets and contract documents for bidding were also provided


Project Manager

Microzonation of Liquefaction Potential in the South-East of Tehran using CPTU, 1998-2002.

As a part of government founded research project, liquefaction potential of south East part of Tehran was studied and map of the Liquefaction potential for the request areas was provided.


Head of Geotechnical Group

Over View the Design Procedure of Iranian New Parliament Building, 1998-1999

Participated in a university team to control design of nonsymmetrical, concrete structure  building with large amount of soil excavation and neighbored with many old buildings.


Project Manager

Design of Mahshahr Oil Exploration Base, 1997-1998

Managed a design team to investigate geotechnical characteristics of the designated site using CPTU in a very soft clay soil, partly on shore and also to design the exploration base for oil excavation which needed a piled- raft system with sixty four piles with 50 cm diameter and 35 meter depth. Detail Engineering plan sheets and contract documents for bidding were provided as a part of the project


Head of Geotechnical Group

Design of Mamloo Dam, 1991-1995

Managed and Participate in the design team of an earth dam. In this team, Chinese engineers also collaborated and the earth dam with 90 meter height was designed (phase I) and borrow areas were selected.